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Presented by National Grain and Feed Assn., Grain Elevator and Processing Society, and Grain Journal






Monday, July 12


12:00 – 5:00 pm:        Exhibitor Setup


12:00 – 5:00 pm:        Registration




Tuesday, July 13


7:00 am:        Registration Opens


7:00 am:        Breakfast in Trade Show


8:00 am:        Welcome and Introductions


8:05 am:        Considerations in Retrofitting a Facility After an Incident

This session will analyze issues in three case studies of decisions and courses of action taken following facility incidents.

                           Speaker: Jim Voigt, President, JFV Solutions, Mt. Zion, IL  |  Speaker Bio


9:00 am:        Break in Trade Show


9:30 am:        Panel Discussion: Leading Indicators

This panel discussion will address how the tracking of the appropriate metrics can be used to properly evaluate your company’s EHS status and identify areas for improvement.

                           Speakers: Matt Shurtliff, President, Shrike Solutions LLC, Omaha, NE | Speaker Bio

                                             Brian Wanzenried, Director, Environmental  Gavilon, Omaha, NE  |  Speaker Bio

                                             Brian Grimm, Director, SH&E, Bartlett Grain, Kansas City, MO  |  Speaker Bio


10:30 am:      Panel Discussion: Conducting a Hazard Assessment Evaluation

This session will address how to conduct a thorough check of the work environment and identify potential risks and hazards in the area, as well as to identify appropriate safety measures to be used to mitigate the identified hazards.

                            Speakers: Joe Mylnek, Content Creation Expert, Safety Made Simple, Port Clinton, OH  |  Speaker Bio

                                              Jim Nolte, Safety Director, Wisconsin Agri Business Assn., Madison, WI  | Speaker Bio         

                                              Terry Wright, EHS Senior Specialist, Cargill, Parker, SD  |  Speaker Bio 

11:30 am:      Lunch in Trade Show


1:30 pm:        Human Organizational Performance

This session will focus on how and why employees make mistakes or errors and how they were dealt with either from an organizational or individual perspective.

                             Speaker: Ben Ferguson, CSP, Director – Human & Organizational Performance, Cargill, Inc., Iowa City, IA | Speaker Bio       

2:30 pm:        How to Bin for Profit – Storing Grain to Maximize Mix and Blend

The session will focus on best practices for storing grain in challenging conditions to maximize quality.

                               Speaker: Dirk Maier, Professor and Post-Harvest Engineer, Iowa State University, Ames, IA  | Speaker Bio                                   


3:30 pm:        Break in Trade Show


4:00 pm:        Preventing Bin Collapse

This session will address the three main categories related to bin collapse including improper construction; improper loading and unloading; and loss of structural integrity due to rust and wear and tear and ways to mitigate the hazards.

                              Speaker: Tom Nealey, Engineer, Ag Facility Engineers, Bloomington, IL | Speaker Bio


5:00 – 7:00 pm: Reception in Trade Show




Wednesday, July 14


7:00 am:        Breakfast in Trade Show


8:00 am:        GEAPS Update: New Programs and Initiatives

                         Speaker: Steve Records, GEAPS Executive Director, GEAPS, Minneapolis, MN | Speaker Bio

Steve will highlight exciting changes with GEAPS.  Hear about GEAPS’ strategic plan, exciting partnerships, new membership models and expansion projects with this expanding organization.


8:15 am:        New Biden Administration Priorities and Focus

                         Speaker: Eric J. Conn, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, Washington, DC  |  Speaker Bio


9:15 am:        Feed/FSMA/FDA Update    

                         Speaker: Dave Fairfield, Senior VP Feed Services, National Grain & Feed Assn., Waukee, IA  |  Speaker Bio


10:00 am:       Break in Trade Show


10:30 am:       Lessons Learned from OSHA Inspections and Next Steps

This panel discussion will address what the outcome of an OSHA inspection and changes made to facility or inspection procedures. 

                         Speakers: Eric J. Conn, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, Washington, DC  |  Speaker Bio
                                           Doug Fletcher, President, Fletcher Safety Consulting, Inc, Elkhorn, NE  |  Speaker Bio

                                           David Frazelle, Regional Health & Safety Director – Global Safety, ADM, Colleyville, TX  |  Speaker Bio


12:00 pm:      Adjourn