Presented by National Grain and Feed Assn., Grain Elevator and Processing Society, and Grain Journal


Considerations in Retrofitting a Facility After an Incident

 Speaker: Jim Voigt, President, JFV Solutions, Mt. Zion, IL  |  Speaker Bio

Panel Discussion: Leading Indicators


 Speakers:  Matt Shurtliff, President, Shrike Solutions LLC, Omaha, NE | Speaker Bio

Brian Wanzenried, Director, Environmental  Gavilon, Omaha, NE  |  Speaker Bio

Brian Grimm, Director, SH&E, Bartlett Grain, Kansas City, MO  |  Speaker Bio 

Panel Discussion: Conducting a Hazard Assessment Evaluation


Speakers: Joe Mylnek, Content Creation Expert, Safety Made Simple, Port Clinton, OH  |  Speaker Bio

 Jim Nolte, Safety Director, Wisconsin Agri Business Assn., Madison, WI  | Speaker Bio         

 Terry Wright, EHS Senior Specialist, Cargill, Parker, SD  |  Speaker Bio 


Human Organizational Performance

Speaker: Ben Ferguson, CSP, Director – Human & Organizational Performance, Cargill, Inc., Iowa City, IA | Speaker Bio

How to Bin for Profit – Storing Grain to Maximize Mix and Blend

Speaker: Dirk Maier, Professor and Post-Harvest Engineer, Iowa State University, Ames, IA  | Speaker Bio 

Preventing Bin Collapse

Speaker: Tom Nealey, Engineer, Ag Facility Engineers, Bloomington, IL | Speaker Bio     

GEAPS Update: New Programs and Initiatives

Speaker: Steve Records, GEAPS Executive Director, GEAPS, Minneapolis, MN | Speaker Bio

New Biden Administration Priorities and Focus

Speaker: Eric J. Conn, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, Washington, DC  |  Speaker Bio  

Feed/FSMA/FDA Update

Speaker: Dave Fairfield, Senior VP Feed Services, National Grain & Feed Assn., Waukee, IA  |  Speaker Bio

Lessons Learned from OSHA Inspections and Next Steps

Speaker: Eric J. Conn, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, Washington, DC  |  Speaker Bio 

               David Frazelle, Regional Health & Safety Director – Global Safety, ADM, Colleyville, TX  |  Speaker Bio